A QUICK-THINKING Dunfermline man came to the rescue of some of the city’s beloved peacocks on a busy road.

James Moonlight, 38, from Duloch, was driving back to his workplace, Almor Carpets, with colleague and best pal Brian Davidson when he spotted that three of the birds were trying to cross one of the city’s busiest streets on Wednesday.

As our feathered friends strutted their stuff at the junction of Nethertown Broad Street, Moodie Street and Elgin Street, James stopped his van and got out to herd the birds out of harm’s way.

He told the Press: “I was just driving towards the junction and I saw that one of the peacocks was right in the middle. Cars were driving towards him and not really stopping, some of the drivers were a bit impatient.

“I think the peacocks are really cool and I think it’s really good that they’ve got the right to roam through the city. That one was killed in the Glen there and I thought, no, I need to make sure they get across the road safely.

“Once I was on the road, the cars all stopped but before that, a lot of them weren’t that fussed for stopping. I managed to get them across the road and that was it really.”

Brian caught the moment James managed to get the birds to safety on camera. James can be seen ushering them onto the path while traffic waits for the road to clear.

“James used to be the squadron leader at the Glenrothes Air Cadets so he’s always had a side to him where he’s a very giving person,” Brian added.

“He’s a good boss, James and I have worked together for about 10 years now and we were best friends at school so I’ve known him a long time. He’s a very kind guy, a really nice guy.”