I AM writing to say how utterly disgusted I was to attend the City inauguration visit by King Charles today and hear some of the crowd booing our First Minister.

I am no royalist but I wanted to welcome the confirmation of Dunfermline being recognised, at last officially, as a city. 

I do not believe in an unelected elite but would never have considered showing disrespect to King Charles and Camilla the way some of the crowd did to Nicola Sturgeon.

Are the people of Dunfermline not aware that local SNP councillors were very involved in the application for, and achievement of, city status?

Are the people of Dunfermline not aware that SNP policy advocates the retention of King Charles as Head of State should Scotland become independent?

The First Minister has shown respect at all times to the royal family. Do people of Dunfermline forget the work that she put in during the Covid pandemic and the efforts she is making to alleviate the worst of Tory policies during the current cost-of-living catastrophe?

The booing has, of course, been heavily reported on both the STV and BBC to place a negative framing on her presence.  

What should have been a day of celebration and congratulation has been sullied by the reactions of some in the crowd.

I have never been so ashamed of my home town as I was today.

David and Linda Ferris