YOUNGSTERS were on the roof of Camdean Primary while a parent council meeting was going on inside the school.

Rosyth councillor Brian Goodall said he was concerned the trend could lead to a "major incident" and added that a teacher who called the police on 101 was left waiting for 20 minutes.

He raised the issue with Police Scotland Community Inspector Tony Rogers at the South and West Fife area committee last week.

Cllr Goodall said: "What's concerning me at the moment could be classed as anti-social behaviour, verging on crime and certainly a safety issue, and that's the number of youths that are going onto the roof at Camdean Primary School in Rosyth.

"It's something that both Cllr Jackson and I experienced last week at the parent council, it was actually happening while the parent council meeting was ongoing.

"It's really concerning that kids could be up there and you just wonder what sort of condition they're in as well.

"It could lead to a real major incident, the way they were running about and the height involved."

He continued: "Is there not a better way of reporting these kind of incidents when they do occur?

"While that meeting was going on one of the teachers was on the phone trying to get it reported and I think there was a 20-minute wait.

"Is that not an example where a more direct response would be appropriate?

"If it's not necessarily a crime occurring at the time it's certainly a safety issue so would it not be more appropriate in those circumstances for us to call 999?"

Sergeant Rogers said he wasn't aware of any recent incidents and replied: "It's a judgement call at the time.

"If someone's on a shed roof I would be disappointed if somebody called 999 but if someone is on the roof of a school, two storeys up, then I think we can make the case it's a pressing issue.

"It can certainly be reported to 999 and the operator will prioritise accordingly.

"It doesn't necessarily mean that you will get an immediate or emergency response, it really depends on what else is going on, but the important thing is it's reported somehow.

"The problems with 101, I don't know if I'm exceptionally lucky, but I've never personally experienced any delays with 101.

"But 20 minutes is a long time to sit and wait so I can understand why that would be frustrating. If there's a safety issue, yeah, that can be reported via 999."

Cllr Graeme Downie said there was also an issue with youngsters climbing on the roof of Cairneyhill Primary School, as well as a problem with kids playing next to the railway bridge at Torryburn.

He said: "It's not well used, it's the old line that goes to Longannet, but we do have children playing around the hill around the railway line, there's a danger of them falling from the bridge."

The sergeant said it would be up to Network Rail to make that area inaccessible to kids.