A ROSYTH business has been left £1,200 out of pocket after thieves cut through their steel fencing and made off with gas canisters.

Richard Harrison, who owns Clarik Engineering and Industrial Supplies in Dunfermline Business Park, says the incident occurred at around 10pm on Sunday, October 16, but it wasn't until the Tuesday that staff members noticed stock had been taken.

"There were four guys, it looked like they parked at the doctor's surgery and walked round, they cut two of the fence posts away," he explained.

"We've had to get it welded back up - that's £500 on its own to reinforce it.

"They left the car along the street, cut the fence and hid behind the snack van."

He believes that the theft was premeditated, saying that the culprits would have needed to know where the tanks were in order to find them.

And it was all caught on CCTV, where Richard was able to watch as they hid the goods in the long grass nearby and drove their car closer to pick them up.

The company, who only moved into their new building in March this year, will also need to fork out £700 to replace what they have lost.

"We've just moved in, the premises are double the size, rent has doubled, rates have tripled," he added.

"There could have been as many as 11 taken - it's frustrating - you see them on the CCTV go back six or seven times.

"Speaking to others seemingly it's rife at this time of year, especially with prices going up - hopefully it's a one off."

Police Scotland said enquiries are at an early stage.

A spokesperson said: “On Tuesday, 18 October, 2022, police in Fife received a report of a theft which is believed to have taken place in the Primrose Lane area of Rosyth over the preceding days."