THERE will be sunshine on Dunfermline if a musical tribute celebrating city status is a success.

Rosyth and District Musical Society (RDMS) have big plans for their upcoming show, Sound in the City, which features songs from 22 different musicals, and even bigger dreams once that’s over and done with.

Ticket sales will go towards next year’s performance of Sunshine on Leith, which they say will be a premiere show for Dunfermline.

David Tillier, one of the group’s producers, said: “We are really pushing to remind people that theatre is still here.

"Sometimes people need to take themselves away from the pressure, we’re all in it together and we’re not done.

“Sound in the City is a large scale cabaret celebrating Dunfermline’s city status. It has Oliver Twist, the Sound of Music, Dear Evan Hansen, it is also a tribute to one of our previous producers, Doug Watt, who passed away.”

The show will be performed at Queen Anne High School after hopes of using Carnegie Hall were scuppered by staff shortages, though that hasn’t affected morale, with the cast having been in rehearsals since May.

David added: “It’s been really good fun, everyone’s tackled it head on. It is the first time we are getting a full performance in three years, we have people who have never done it before, it is terrifying, challenging every day, but there’s a buzz.

“We are trying to bring musical theatre back to life – allow people to have the opportunity to go – we are celebrating being back.”

And the group hope that the show will bring a bit of joy to everyone who has missed live performances, as well as the cast.

Lesley Izatt, president of the company, said: “After COVID hit a lot of people suffered from anxiety and things like that. Every person has been extremely brave and put aside all fears to come together. People were still wary so it was good to have worked through that anxiety together.

“It is not a show where you get handed a book, the production team started with nothing, they sat down with every member of the company to say ‘What can we do?’It’s wonderful to see their vision.”

There’s a lot to look forward to in the show, with David saying that his favourite moment comes at the end, with a song from Dear Evan Hansen, a Tony Award winning musical which follows a high school pupil with social anxiety.

He says the performance is the one which emotionally hit him the most, and one which he thinks audience members will be able to relate to.

For Lesley, ABBA classic Voulez-Vous is a must-see, as the cast comes together for a “very fun, upbeat” act.

“People like myself who are too old to dance still give it a go!” she laughed.

Back in January the society was forced to cancel their March production of 9 to 5 due to remaining pandemic restrictions affecting their plans. Since then they have run cabaret shows and musical theatre workshops to help fund future performances.

David says the “buzz” has now returned to the company, who will be holding open auditions for Sunshine on Leith on November 1.

“I am ecstatic about doing Sunshine on Leith, the Proclaimers target all ages, there is a really good balance between what the audience will get and what the cast want to get,” he said.

“I am buzzing to get back on the stage and see the company back on the stage. For me it is getting back and doing what we do best.”

Sound in the City will take place on Friday at 7.30pm and on Saturday at 2.15pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets are £10/£12 and available by calling RDMS on 07532786451 or 07950242324.