FIFE Council is building up its efforts to deliver more affordable housing across Fife.

A new Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) was agreed by councillors last week which will now be submitted to the Scottish Government.

The local authority has already approved £220.435m to support the Affordable Housing Programme to 2024.

Judy Hamilton, Chair of the Fife Housing Partnership and Fife Council Spokesperson for Housing, said they remained "absolutely committed" to providing high quality, affordable housing for people in Fife.

"Never has this been more important than in a cost-of-living crisis, such as this," she said. “The Strategic Housing Investment Plan details a statement of intent to provide Fife with a realistic and practical proposal to deliver against our aim for improving housing choices.

"The SHIP outlines a commitment to making sure 30 per cent of these new homes can cater for people with specific needs, with 5 per cent of the new properties classed as wheelchair housing."

The building of 1,200 affordable houses in partnership with the Fife Housing Association Alliance is already underway. The latest £100 million, two-year, transitional programme was put in place to bridge the gap between phase three and four of the council's affordable housing programme.

If approved, the plan will allow the Council to bid for £174.989m through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme and £11.8m through Second Homes Council Tax (2HCT) monies, totalling a potential £186.789m for Fife, across all its partners.

Cllr Hamilton described the plan as a "statement of intent" that they will, working with partners, make the best use of available resources.

She added: "It also shows our intent that we are absolutely committed to meet local needs of safe, warm and affordable houses."