Emma is a social work assistant who has been working with young people for a few years. Whilst at work, she came into regular contact with Bobby who was not able to live with his birth family and was living in residential care.

They gradually developed a close connection and as she got to know him, her attachment grew and so did her concern for him and his well-being. She shared her worries with her husband and together they decided they could offer Bobby the stable home environment she felt he needed.

They applied to foster and after being approved, Bobby was soon introduced to the rest of the family. Over the next few months, he had regular overnight stays and Bobby made it clear he was ready and keen to join the family. He spent more and more time with Emma’s family and then the day came when everyone felt it was time to move in.

Bobby says: “'It was so much better meeting Emma and her family before making the decision to move in. I am glad I met Emma. I love living here".

Emma says: “I think it’s great having a teenager in the house – Bobby can take care of most things himself and we like talking and helping each other. It’s about guiding him to make the right choices and supporting him when he needs to start taking responsibility.

Before a young person moves in with you, it’s important to develop a bond with them and ensure they are invested and enthusiastic to become part of the family. Building mutual trust and respect is the key to success – showing a young person that you trust them and respect them means they are more likely to show you the same back.

All young people need clear boundaries and positive role models and young people who are care experienced are no different. They need patience and the reassurance that you will be there for them no matter what".

If you would like to find out about fostering a teenager with Fife Council, go to foster.fife.scot. Fill in the enquiry form and one of the fostering team will get in touch to chat it over.