CHANGES to bus services in West Fife came into operation today (Monday) which has included the introduction of a new service aimed at helping Dunfermline Amazon workers get to and from work.

Stagecoach East Scotland says alterations have been made to routes, service numbers and timetables across Fife and Perth.

Several services had been due to be slashed as part of the changes however last week Fife Council confirmed they had stepped in to save routes described as "uneconomical commercial but socially essential".

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New services, 1/2, have been introduced to replace parts of the 3/3A, 5/5A, 6A and will cover Townhill/East Baldridge – Wellwood – Dunfermline – Abbeyview – Duloch – Leisure Park.

Service 1/1A will go from from East Baldridge turning circle every 30 minutes and goes via Wellwood (1A hourly) James Street, St Leonards Asda, Wedderburn Crescent, Abbeyview, Fife Leisure Park, Tesco Duloch Park, Lapwing Drive, Linburn Road Health Centre, Abbeyview, Wedderburn Crescent, St Leonards Asda, James Street, Wellwood (1A hourly), East Baldridge Turning Circle.

Service 2/2A operates from Townhill every 30 minutes then goes via Arthur Street, James Street, St Leonards Asda, Beveridge Street, Blacklaw Road, Abbeyview, Linburn Health Centre, Lapwing Drive, Tesco Duloch Park, Fife Leisure Park, Abbeyview, Blacklaw Road, Beveridge Street, St Leonards Asda, James Street, Arthur Street and Townhill.

Stagecoach confirmed they have part reinstated the service 3 to operate every 30 minutes between James Street, St Leonards Asda, Pitcorthie Lime Grove and Tesco. The rest of the old 3/3A route will be covered either by 1/1A or service 2.

The 4/4A Dunfermline – Oakley – Blairhall/Steelend has been revised to replace the 6A route. Journeys will operate to Oakley half hourly, then service 4 will operate hourly to Blairhall and service 4A will operate hourly to Saline and Steelend.

The service 5 will now operate from James Street, Woodmill Crescent, Garcock Bank, Clunie Road, Abbeyview, Clunie Road, Garvock Bank, Woodmill Cresent, James Street.

Service 6A between Dunfermline, Wellwood, Saline and Oakley has now been withdrawn and replaced by services 1, 4A & 28.

As a result of the consultation, changes there have now been some changes between Kelty, Dunfermline and Dalgety Bay/North Queensferry on services 7B, 7C and 7D.

Service 7B & 7C will run via Spencerfield every 30 minutes to Dalgety Bay. Within Dalgety bay, 7B will run anticlockwise via Harbour Drive, St David's Harbour and Moray Way South to Regents Way, continuing via Western Access Road and Dalgety Bay railway station to return to Inverkeithing.

The 7C will run in the opposite direction. Some journeys will continue to serve Hillend Industrial Estate. The 7D route remains unchanged in the evening, with the last journey to Kelty from Dunfermline now the 2250 service 31.

On the 8/8A route serving Dunfermline, High Valleyfield, Culross and Alloa, service 8 will run via Dunimarle Street before and after serving the Abbey Street and Health Centre stops

On the service 19, Rosyth – Dunfermline – Ballingry, a revised timetable will run between Rosyth Hilton Road and Ballingry every 15 minutes.

The service 26 between Dunfermline and Glenrothes has been withdrawn while on the service 28, between Dunfermline, Oakley and Falkirk, an additional afternoon journey from Dunfermline to Saline has been added following feedback from consultation.

There will be a new 31 service covering Dunfermline – Ballingry – Glenrothes to replace the 81 service.

It will operate hourly between Glenrothes bus station and Dunfermline bus station however no longer serves Parkneuk and East Baldridge as this is now covered by the 1/1A.

The 33/33A, Kirkcaldy – Cardenden – Cowdenbeath – Dunfermline, has been reduced to operate hourly. Sunday journeys will no longer serve Harris Drive.

The service 81, Parkneuk - Dunfermline – Ballingry – Glenrothes, has now been withdrawn and partly replaced by the new 1, 31, and 84 services.

Proposed alterations to the 83 route have been scrapped while there is a new 84 service, which is being supported by Fife Council, to replace the 81 to/from Parkneuk.

The new AZ1 service will go between Dunfermline, Amazon and Halbeath P&R and run at suitable times for shift changes. It will replace the diverted journeys on 19 and 33.

For details on all the revised timetable changes, visit Stagecoach East Scotland's website.