A ROSYTH resident has hit out at Fife Council for failing to do anything to solve parking nightmares in his street.

The householder, who didn't want to be named, said traffic using business units on Fairykirk Road were causing constant headaches for him and his neighbours.

He said cars were being boxed in and, after being unhappy with the response from the local authority, is now planning to start a petition to get something done.

"It is a real drain on you because you are coming out to rush and go somewhere and you are blocked in," he said. "It has gone on forever. It is a diverse set of businesses in there. They have got a lot of staff coming in and customers coming in.

"In the morning, you can't get moving for plumbers vans coming to pick up stuff. When we challenge them about parking, they ask where do you want us to park?

"We contacted the council and the police because it is a dangerous corner. The council expert and the police expert came out and said it was not a blind corner. When they come round the corner, it is a very tight corner. They come round the hill and have no option but to move onto the grass."

Delivery vehicles are also causing issues for nearby residents.

"Articulated lorries delivering to the factory unit cannot enter due to an inadequate gate and stop and offload on the road, blocking the road for vehicles and the bin lorry and emergency services to the fury of drivers," added the householder.

"Lorries have churned up the grass and driven on the footpath as the road is not wide enough and speeding cars have been filmed crossing onto the grass and footpath to stop a head-on collision – and luckily no children were sitting on footpath playing. It is an accident waiting to happen."

He said some of his neighbours were now parking away from their homes to avoid issues.

"Residents have had enough," he said. "They are parking their cars far away and walking back here.

"I have been asking the council for residents' parking. The council won't even put signage up. They just point-blank refuse to do anything."

Fife Council transportation lead consultant, Lesley Craig, confirmed they would look into it, adding: "Now that we're aware of the resident's concerns we will be investigating in line with other priorities."