PARS boss James McPake said he "really enjoyed" his side's SPFL Trust Trophy victory over Celtic B.

The third round tie, rearranged from its original September date, was played last night (Tuesday) and saw the League One leaders progress thanks to a 2-1 win.

Taylor Sutherland, one of three 16-year-olds in the home ranks, marked his first team debut with a goal in the third minute, before Nikolay Todorov added a second.

Although Johnny Kenny pulled one back for Darren O'Dea and Stephen McManus' young Hoops side, Athletic progressed and will travel to Arbroath next month.

"I really enjoyed that, I'll be honest," McPake said.

"I thought they (Celtic) were excellent. Credit to Darren and Stephen. I spoke earlier; I've known Darren for a while, he's one of my closest friends, and I know how good a coach he is. He will be a top, top manager, that's just my opinion, but you can come back to me whenever he does it and say you were right because I'm pretty sure on that one.

"They're a well drilled team, really good players. We had three 16-year-olds on the pitch in a wee mixture. I thought the three boys were excellent.

"It was a great goal from Taylor, great movement. You wouldn't think, at that age, how he moves his man one way, then goes across, and it's a great finish.

"Sam Young, playing middle of a back three; that was normally the job for people like me, who had no legs, and you needed cover on the side. We were comfy with Sam in there because he can pick a pass both ways, and obviously he gives you the balance on each side of Breeny (and Sam Fisher).

"The diagonals worked in the first half from Breeny, getting it out, because they press you. They play just like their first team, and they're a good side. We wanted that and I thought we played pretty well in the game as well.

"We had good possession, we had good chances, and then, wee Toddy (Andrew Tod), a great experience for him, playing in that role, which is really tough.

"When you come up against a CDM, the buzz-word's a number six; it's Makalele, isn't it? That role, the deep-lying midfielder, and he's the best about at that age, that boy, for Celtic. I've seen him a few times and he would take the ball, two yards off his goal line, and turn and play out the other side. He's so assured and I've spoken to Darren a lot about him, and it took Andrew a wee while to get used to that.

"It's something different that we've asked but, look, I'll be honest, I've asked senior players, and players that have been internationals, to do that and they've struggled.

"That's nothing for Andrew to be worried about because after maybe 15, 20 minutes, he got the hang of it.

"A lot of credit to him for the start of the second half as well because I think, when we did get the press going, a lot of it was down to Andrew. The wee things you need to learn, and it's stopping them being able to play either side, or making them go back, or stopping the game at times, it's not something we encourage, but when you get to a level in the first team, you need to do these wee things.

"He didn't need to do that tonight because his positioning was really good, and he had worked really hard. It's a hard shift."

McPake added: "They played against a really good Celtic team there that, no disrespect to any other B team, I don't think anybody could've came and played the way they did tonight, and that's credit to Celtic and Darren because they've got the best players at that age group.

"They're so well drilled and they were excellent. I just enjoyed the game. You don't normally see me like this; I'm normally moody!

"I just enjoyed coaching it, I enjoyed trying to work it out, because, I'll be honest, I've been on the back of trying to work it out when it's their first team, and the music comes on through the speaker six times, and you're 6-0 down. That's not a great feeling, and you're thinking, what are we going to press now?

"It was good to have a wee go and we were trying things. You could see the difference in where the strikers were pressing, what we were doing, we were going man for man at the back, which we were quite comfortable to do in terms of the three centre backs we had; they've all got pace, so there was no worries with that.

"We got minutes into people. Josh got a wee cameo, Wighty got a wee cameo, they didn't need much. Matty Todd, again, excellent, that boy could just run all day, wants to play all the time. Joe Chalmers the same, Hammy - everybody wants to play. Benedictus is not happy he's not playing, which I love, Max going in and getting a game - it was a good night I think for us.

"It's momentum as well because, Saturday, we were all disappointed. I wake up on Sunday, watched the game and feel terrible because we actually played well.

"When you watch that back, we played really well. We created some good chances; two uncharacteristic mistakes from Josh and I come out like a madman at the end, wanting to go daft, when really, you look at it, and we were good in the game.

"People will maybe disagree with that but, when you watched that back with a clear head, it's probably the most chances we've created at home.

"There were positives to take from Saturday, that we moved into tonight, and get back to winning ways.

"It's a cup, two of the players in there have won it. Joe and Benedictus have won this cup and I asked them, did you enjoy winning it? They said they loved it.

"I've never won this cup, I've never won any cup, so we go to Arbroath on December 10 and we'll go up and we'll have a go at them."

Celtic B coach, Stephen McManus, said: "That's the evidence of the work the boys do on a daily basis.

"They're at a different stage in their development than what first team players are. They're trying to get to where they want to get to.

"The way we play at our club, it challenges them, but, again, in nights like this, you can feel that they're really buying into everything we're trying to then do because that's a pressurised game, it's a pressurised situation, that our boys aren't used to. That's the best place for them to develop.

"I really enjoyed the game.

"Bitterly disappointed to get knocked out the competition, because it's a very good competition, but loads of positives for us to take.

"It's a completely different environment for our boys, and where they're at, in comparison to League One sides or Championship sides.

"Our boys are about trying to become professional footballers, they're trying to be professional footballers at our football club. It's not an easy thing to do - that's why not a lot of people go on and achieve what Celtic players then do - but, their work ethic, they way they apply themselves, is terrific.

"It's like that on a daily basis and then, when they then come to play against a team in a match that's very competitive and it means something, it's great for them to showcase where they're at at this particular time.

"They've still got a long way to go, but they're certainly on the right path."

Both the Pars and Arbroath have confirmed that the fourth round tie will take place at Gayfield on Friday, December 9, with kick off at 7.45pm.