AN ‘OLD DUNFERMLINE’ calendar has been produced for 2023 featuring archive images of the city of Dunfermline over the past century, many of which have featured in ‘Memory Lane’ over the years. The photographs highlight many of the changes that have taken place in the ancient capital of Scotland.

Our first image in this week’s trip down West Fife’s Memory Lane is one that appears in the calendar and is a view looking east along Dunfermline High Street from the bottom of Douglas Street that shows the different range of shops that once occupied that part of the High Street when the photograph was taken in 1969.

The Regal picture house can be seen dominating the south side of the street. It opened in December 1931 and was destroyed by fire in 1976, with the cleared site being used later for Littlewoods.

Our next photograph shows the area as seen from the junction of the High Street and the top of the New Row. Not as much attention was paid to health and safety issues 50 years ago, with traffic continuing to pass the remains of the buildings that were in the process of being demolished. Primark now occupies the site today.

One of the best-remembered cafes in Dunfermline was Malocos, situated beside the Regal Picture House. There are a number of photographs showing the exterior of the cafe but, until now, none of the interior.

Our next photograph does show the interior and was provided by Press reader Angela De Hollander (nee Maloco). Angela describes the photograph as follows: "I finally found one of the interior of the cafe (from after the renovation so around 1966). It's looking up to the back of the cafe, with the door to the downstairs cafe on the left and the door to the flat above in the centre."

Maggie Dempster remembers frequenting the café: “Three generations of our family loved Malocos. Our mum worked there as a youngster and we really enjoyed the treat of going there for food. Great place and a joy to spend time there with family.”

Helen Menzies remembers the downstairs part of Maloco’s café: “I remember those days! I was often in there with my mum and downstairs there was a fantastic high tea place with waitress service and the old-style basket chairs.”

Janine Leishman also recalls the venue in detail: “I remember the green cane glass-topped round tables and the amazing staircase that led down in a cavernous fashion from the narrower cafe itself. The noise of the barista machine making the milky coffees in my early teenage years is a sound that brings back so many memories!”

Bill Miller also remembers the area: “Malocos was just the other side of the Regal from one of my father's chemist shops, the Central Pharmacy. I had many a cup of coffee there.”

The ‘Old Dunfermline’ calendar is on sale in the shop in Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries (DCLG) as well as in Abbot House. It is also available online at More images like these can also be seen in the local studies department of DCLG as well as at

With thanks to Frank Connelly