A DUNFERMLINE Tesco worker who went viral on TikTok has reached one MILLION views on his most popular video.

Conor Boyle skyrocketed to social media acclaim after the videos he made doing his works tannoy announcements took the platform by storm.

He has now garnered 1.1 million views with his video announcing Scottish licensing laws.

The store assistant, who works in Tesco's Fire Station store, told the Press: "My videos going viral has brought me so much joy – I’m still in a state of shock but it’s been super-exciting seeing that I’ve got over a million views on just one video alone.

"My colleagues have all been absolutely amazing and all so supportive as well by encouraging me to upload more videos and also giving me the idea. My manager and store manager have been incredibly helpful and supportive helping me make sure my ideas are creative and unique, as well as appropriate and fun."

Conor's new-found stardom hasn't just gone down well with his workmates, it's also been a hit with his customers and his family.

He continued: "There is not a day that goes by now without a customer telling me they watched my TikToks last night or they have seen something online about me, and it really does make me feel blessed and filled with joy.

"My family and friends keep calling me famous but I swear to them I’m not. It’s great that they have been so supportive and are there when I need them.

"I’m still continuing to make content; in October, I themed my tannoys around Halloween by changing some words to make it better-themed. So I’m really looking forward to making my Christmas ones.

"Since Christmas is coming, there are many Christmas-themed tannoys and videos coming so stay tuned to see them. Have a Merry Christmas and remember, 'Thanks again for shopping at Tesco'!"

To listen in to Conor's Christmas-themed tannoy announcements, check him out on TikTok @coboconor.