YOU can get fit to fight cancer with new physical activity classes in Dunfermline.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust will run sessions for 12 weeks at Carnegie Leisure Centre from next month.

The Active Move classes, with specially-trained instructors Susan Wilson and Gavin Keith, aims to help people living with a cancer diagnosis.

They've already been helping some Fifers and one of them, Mairwen Wardle, explained: “My cancer is in my spine and has stopped me from living the lifestyle I was used to."

She added: "The pills and injections are unpleasant but necessary to prolong my life, whereas exercise is one aspect I have control over and I enjoy it. It has given me the confidence to move about a little more again.

“When I go to my class, I leave my family, my home, my commitments, my treatment, my worries and everything else behind for that hour and purposely focus on what I’m doing from moment to moment.

"It not only helps me to maintain a level of fitness but it’s therapy for my soul too. I always leave the class feeling better for having attended.”

Fiona Prendergast, the trust's health and wellbeing manager, said: “Research shows that physical activity can deliver many benefits, and this is true of people living with a range of long-term health conditions. Susan and Gavin are helping us deliver on our commitment to making a difference thanks to their qualification in cancer rehab.”

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