WITH a goal to fill arenas across the world, a Dunfermline-born musician is returning to his rock and heavy metal roots.

David MacGregor, best known as a jazz guitarist, grew up in Abbeyview and spent the beginning of this year touring with Dutch band Harmony Glen.

This gave him the opportunity to play in places like the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin and Olympiahalle in Munich, where he was inspired to create his own live show which would be at home in large venues.

And his new band, Phantom Busker, hopes to do just that, with David putting his passion for jazz and work as a session guitarist aside to focus on the project.

David hopes that their song, 'Why Go By', and its music video, the first they have released, will inspire listeners who are struggling.

He explained: "The video tells a story about a father and son who both need help at different times in their life but are too proud to admit it.

"We all go through difficult times in our life, but if we are honest with those around us and willing to talk about things, we can get through anything.

"I hope this song can inspire anyone who maybe is having a hard time to just speak up and ask for help from those around them."

The video is available to watch now on YouTube.