WHY are Tesco so determined to chase away cash-paying customers? I visit their stores on a regular basis and am getting fed up trying to pay by cash: 'Card-only' screams at you from all directions.

On Friday morning, 7.15am, I called in to the newly-refurbished Tesco Duloch, as I do most mornings. No check-outs open, no customer service desk open. Of their 18 new self-scan points, 16 are card-only. Two card and cash. At least give us two 'cash-only'.

The two cash points were out of action. I had items to the value of £2.78 and had £4 in my pocket. Luckily, I had lifted my bank card when leaving home.

Do they want us to go to Aldi next door? We are not yet in a cashless society.

They are the worst store in town for trying to pay by cash, by far.

Apart from supermarkets, Tesco in particular, almost all shops are happy to accept cash.

The pound in our pockets is, I believe, our legal currency. Get a grip Tesco.

Neil Carberry,
Thane Place,