Citroen redefines what a compact family saloon can look like with this e-C4 X. Jonathan Crouch checks it out.

Ten Second Review

The e-C4 X is 'the best of a hatchback, with the modernity of an SUV and the timelessness of a saloon', according to Citroen. Or you could simply see it as a sedan version of the brand's quirky all-electric e-C4 hatch. Either way, it's an ambitiously styled four-door family EV that's compact yet spacious, with a simply enormous boot.


X seems to mean different things to different brands. Citroen doesn't see the letter as designating an SUV. Instead, for them, it references what the brand calls 'the crossroads of different universes', a melding together of different genres, the sort of thing we've already seen in the company's large C5 X. With the e-C4 X, the styling brief was rather less ambitious, but it still hopes to blend hatchback, crossover and sedan genres together into one appealing compact shape that a first glance, could fall into any of those three categories.

We seen something similar with cousin Stellantis Group Gallic brand Peugeot's 408, but the e-C4 X is a more straightforward design that sits on a different, simpler, CMP platform and is only offered in full-electric form. As you might expect, everything is based on the e-C4 hatch, but from the B-pillar back, things are a great deal more spacious and interesting. Let's take a closer look.

Driving Experience

The e-C4 X does of course drive just like the e-C4 hatch, though you might be interested to learn that its more aerodynamic shape (0.29Cd) gives it a 224 mile driving range figure that's 5 miles further. Petrol and diesel C4 X models are available outside Europe, but our continent only gets the full-electric version, which uses the same powertrain tech as other CMP-platformed Stellantis Group models of this size (like the Vauxhall Mokka-e). That means a 50kWh battery pack powering a 132bhp motor which drives the front wheels.

Like all EVs, the car can recover energy when decelerating or braking. And there are three drive modes - 'Eco', 'Normal' and 'Sport' - that can vary the level of engine power and the energy draw from the air conditioning to boost driving range. The e-C4 X has a 'Brake' feature to amplify the deceleration of the car without pressing the brake pedal. This set-up allows for the recovery of energy when slowing the car and allows the driver to partially recharge the battery and increase driving range. Like other C4s, this one features a clever Progressive Hydraulic suspension set-up.

Design and Build

True to its name, the e-C4 X is what Citroen describes as a 'cross design' - an integration of a Fastback saloon body onto the raised hatchback-cum-crossover design of the e-C4 hatch. Everything at the front is the same as that hatch showroom stablemate. But from the B-pillar back, a different roof line takes over and there's an extra 240mm of length. This accommodates a large 510-litre boot (much bigger than the 380-litres you get in the e-C4 hatch).

Inside, unsurprisingly, the front-of-cabin experience is exactly the same as in an ordinary e-C4 hatch, with a compact digital instrument display facing you from behind the curiously shaped steering wheel. Citroen says though, that the software driving the accompanying 10-inch central infotainment screen is completely new, borrowed from the more upmarket C5 X and allowing for personalisation of the system via customisable widgets. This more up-to-date set-up also gets the digital assistant system with natural voice control activated by the command "Hello Citroen".

Market and Model

Expect pricing slightly above the e-C4 hatch, which would mean a starting figure of around £32,000 for base 'Shine' trim. If the hatch model structure is followed, there will also be plusher 'C Series Edition' and 'Shine Plus' variants offered further up the range, which would take pricing to about £36,000.

To take on key compact similarly-sized EV rivals in the same price bracket, this e-C4 X needs to be well equipped. It is. Nice touches include LED ambient lighting on the digital instrument panel. A freshly updated 10-inch central infotainment screen comes with all e-C4 Xs, as does wireless 'phone charging and 'Apple CarPlay' and 'Android Auto' smartphone-mirroring connectivity. A superb sound system can be specified too, with Arkamys digital sound processing and 8 speakers. A nice optional touch you might well want to consider is a full-HD camera built into the rear view mirror which can take photos or video stored on a 16GB memory card. Safety-wise, there's no fewer than 20 different driver assistance features, including Highway Driving Assist and a 'level 2' semi-autonomous drive system incorporating Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist.

Cost of Ownership

Like the e-C4 hatch, the e-C4 X is fitted with an 11kW charger, which can charge from empty in around 7.5 hours using a 7kW home wallbox. That could fall to just 5 hours if you have a 3-phase home electricity supply and have the car fitted with an optional 11kW on-board charger. The e-C4 X also has 100kW fast charger, which can achieve an 80% charge in around half an hour using a 100kW public fast charger. As usual with an electric car, to take advantage of lower cost off-peak electricity tariffs, you can manage charging times by using the touchscreen tablet in the passenger compartment or by using the provided 'MyCitroen' app. The charging port features a coloured indicator so the user can monitor the charging process - which can also be followed on the 'MyCitroen' app.

Whatever your choice of e-C4, you'll properly want to keep garage costs in check by opting for the affordable 3 year servicing plan that is available at point of purchase. Finally, there's the usual Citroen three year / 60,000 mile warranty. And the e-C4 X has its own battery warranty - 8 years or 100,000 miles for 70% of charge capacity.


Citroen really wants this e-C4 X to be seen as a Coupe-SUV - like Renault's Arkana - which might be a bit of a stretch because it's not clean sheet design like that car; merely an e-C4 hatch with a rather stylish boot. And the way the stretched rear has been configured means that you get more luggage space than any other EV of this size we can think of. Enough maybe, to make you want to try this car.


CAR: Citroën e-C4 X

PRICE: £32,000-£36,000 [est]




PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph 9.7s / top speed 93mph

BOOT CAPACITY: [litres] 510

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE?: length/width/height 4,600/1800/1525 mm