A 61-YEAR-OLD Dunfermline man who made drunken 999 calls repeatedly has been jailed.

Time after time, unemployed Andrew Dean tied up the emergency lines with rambling calls about being in the SAS, having guns and saying he was going to “annihilate a lot of people”.

Dean said he wanted to speak to Boris Johnson about Nicola Sturgeon and another call included a threat to kill the Queen.

Dean, of Macbeth Road, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

He admitted that between August 28 and October 14, he made 999 calls repeatedly when there was no emergency.

On August 29, he made a call to the police service and made offensive and derogatory remarks and made threats of violence repeatedly.

He also admitted that on October 14, he called the police service again and made offensive and derogatory remarks.

Depute fiscal Eve McKaig said that during one of the calls, Dean said if police did not go to his home he would “annihilate a lot of people”.

He said he was “in the SAS and has guns”, added the depute.

He phoned back and said he was going to kill the call-handler and that she was a “bitch”.

There were further threats to “kill people” and Dean asked to be transferred through to MI5, again claiming to be in the SAS.

In another call, he asked to be put through to MI6 and said he wanted to speak directly to Boris Johnson about Nicola Sturgeon. In another call he threatened to kill the Queen.

Defence solicitor Calum Harris said his client had “limited recollection as he was in a state of intoxication”. He added that Dean was unemployed and had mental health and alcohol problems. He was unfit to do unpaid work.

Sheriff Wylie Robertson jailed Dean for six months.