THE chance to splash into the New Year is on offer this year with the return of the Limekilns Breakfast Dip.

The popular event will see brave participants dip into the Forth on New Year's Day to raise funds for the ongoing campaign to restore the village's 16th-century pier.

Organiser Alex Hill is hoping for a bumper turnout.

"It is just a relief to get it going again," he said. "We are expecting a record turnout because everyone has really missed it. I have had people stop and ask me if it is going to be back on this again this year."

Fun at the beach will kick-off at 10am with the dip taking place at 11am.

"We have the local Scouts doing the catering with bacon rolls, coffee and tea and we have a fancy coffee van coming too," said Alex.

"Our biggest turnout before coronavirus was 170 but we are expecting a lot more this year because we are just back and because the one in South Queensferry isn't happening.

"It is normally a day when nothing happens and everyone has a hangover and families are all at home. Every year, people come and watch and say, 'I will do that next year' and it just grows and grows.

"It will be good to get back into the water and to raise money."

Entry for participants is £10 with proceeds going towards the ongoing fundraising from Limekilns Heritage Trust to rebuild the historic pier.

"First of all, we need to protect the pier from any further erosion, especially because of the strong tides and the weather we have had," explained Alex. "First, we are going to stop it from falling apart any more and that is going to be quite expensive, around, I think, £30,000.

"Then, after, we have got to get the money to pay to rebuild the thing and that is ongoing. We have been a charity for five years. It is a slow one but we are always endeavouring to get funding from different projects that are out there."

Brave dippers can turn up and pay on the day. More details can be found on the Limekilns Breakfast Dip 2023 Facebook page.