TULLIALLAN Police training college has been closed temporarily for cleaning and remedial work after traces of Legionella bacteria were found at the site.

Police Scotland said that all training at the Kincardine facility will be suspended while the work is carried out and the site will remain closed until cleaning and re-testing are complete.

Traces of the Legionnaires’ disease bug were found in shower heads at the facility during routine testing last month.

There have been have no confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease, a serious lung infection caused by Legionella bacteria, and the force said the risk to people remains extremely low.

The decision to close Tulliallan as a precaution was taken following specific health and safety advice about the role the site plays in providing residential accommodation for a large number of people.

Police Scotland Deputy Chief Constable Fiona Taylor said: “While we have no confirmed cases and the risk to people remains extremely low, the safety and wellbeing of officers, staff, contractors and visitors to the site is paramount.

“This temporary closure will allow for a full flush of all water systems to be carried out and further tests done to confirm there is no trace of legionella bacteria.

“While this precautionary measure does impact on probationer training in the short term, it will not affect operational policing.

“We will schedule this essential work to ensure that both our probationer training and wider training courses can resume as soon as possible.

“The site at Tulliallan is extensive, with complex and ageing pipework. This temporary closure allows us to fully inspect the system, carry out any repair work that may be necessary and allow for a full flush and re-test of the various water supplies across the campus.”

The site closed from yesterday (Tuesday) to allow further remedial work to be carried out on water systems, with a full inspection of pipework and a flush of all water systems planned.

Legionnaires’ disease is usually caught from things such as air conditioning systems, hot tubs and humidifiers, in places like offices, hotels or hospitals where the bacteria have got into the water supply.

The Scottish Police College is a key training site for the force.

Last month, 300 probationary constables were sworn into Police Scotland during a ceremony at the college where they were welcomed by Chief Constable Sir Iain Livingstone.