A DRIVER stopped by police on the M90 near Inverkeithing showed officers an Indian licence.

Checks then showed Saran Karavadhi only had a UK provisional licence and it had expired.

Karavadhi, 29, of Brands Road, Kirkcaldy, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He had admitted previously that on March 21, on the M90 southbound near Inverkeithing, he drove without being the holder of a driving licence and without insurance.

Having admitted the offence, he had not turned up for a subsequent hearing, resulting in a warrant being granted.

Depute fiscal Catherine Stevenson said that when police stopped the car Karavadhi was driving, he produced an Indian driving licence.

Karavadhi told the court he worked as a health care assistant. “The only reason I was driving was for someone who was drunk,” he added.

Sheriff Francis Gill fined Karavadhi £320 and endorsed any UK licence he obtains with six penalty points.