A REPRESENTATIVE from Muir Homes attended the Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council meeting this month to discuss the Fulmar Way development.

The controversial plans to build 44 homes in Dalgety Bay have been rejected twice previously but the Inverkeithing-based company it's third time lucky as they gauge the opinion of locals.

After a public consultation was launched in October, a representative from Muir Homes attended the meeting to address the concerns of residents there.

Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council issued a statement to the Press which read: "A representative from Muir Homes came to the community council meeting last night and answered a variety of questions about their proposed development at Fulmar Way.

"They intimated that would be be applying for planning permission in the near future."

The most recent attempt to develop the vacant lot in 2018 was rejected by Fife Council after the developers failed to show that noise levels of surrounding businesses would not affect potential residents.

This time around it appears that residents are concerned over access to a local path which they fear would in turn cause an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Sarah Neal, for Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay, said: "A few members of the public turned up and were unhappy about the proposal, thinking that the access would lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour but the representative from Muir Homes had all the plans and was able to answer most of the questions and shared those plans.

"I think we're expecting new plans any day now, I know the last time round it was contentious and it was the noise issues that led to the proposal failing but that's changed now so they'll just have to look at the proposal very carefully and debate it fully."

Cllr Neal explained that the concerns were over a fence that would be removed, giving access to a local path, and there were also concerns over who owned the common land and whether a deal was struck with the previous owner.

While the builder's representative could not answer that, they did agree to look into the matter fully.

She continued: "People will just have to really scrutinise it and see if it is contentious this time round and listen to the views of people who live locally. I've seen draft proposals but I haven't seen the actual proposal that's coming in so we'll just have to read it really carefully and listen to what the local people think."