FURTHER to the latest proposals for murals to be dotted around the town centre, although the murals idea is welcoming and sounds encouraging, it would be much better if all the ongoing long-running problems we already have in the town centre were dealt with first.

We have, at the moment, dangerous underfoot slabs throughout the centre, we have the ongoing problem of the town centre streets being used as a permanent unsightly waste bin storage area, we also have the long-awaited vehicle access problems to the pedestrian zone still waiting to be addressed with the proposed installation of barriers being seemingly forgotten about, we also have a public CCTV security system which is not fit for purpose.

The authorities in charge of the town centre are well aware of all these problems, better for them trying to sort all these problems first before approving splashing paint about the town centre.

Prioritise dealing with all the long-running problems we have, give us a city to be proud of.


Ian Lamond,
Fodbank View,