A RAILWAY worker assaulted a teenage girl after she kicked him at Inverkeithing station.

Charles Algeo, 52, of Castlandhill Road, Rosyth, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Algeo had to quit his job after 34 years as a result of the assault, which followed ongoing incidents of anti-social behaviour at the station.

He admitted that on May 16, at Inverkeithing railway station, he assaulted a 15-year-old girl by pulling her to the ground, punching her to the head, prevented her from leaving and caused her to strike her head against the ground to her injury.

Depute fiscal Amy Robertson said Algeo was a ScotRail employee at the time and was working when there had been an incident involving three girls.

It started when Algeo and one of the girls bumped into each other on a bridge walkway.

The girl then kicked out at him and he pulled her to the ground. He hit her when she was lying on the ground and she suffered a cut to the head and concussion.

The court was told there had been ongoing anti-social behaviour involving young people at the station before the incident.

Algeo has since retired from his job as a result, having served for 34 years.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said it was “most unfortunate to see someone in their 50s in court having previously had an unblemished record”.

He added: “It would seem this incident was the last straw.” Algeo was fined £520.