PLANS for new swings to be installed at Inchmickery playpark face more delays.

The swings, which were removed originally over health and safety concerns in June 2021, are set to be replaced but despite multiple installation dates being given, there is still no swing set at the Dalgety Bay facility.

Councillor David Barratt has been fighting for the new equipment to be installed since the last set was removed. Sharing the latest update on his Facebook page, he wrote: "Following removal of the swing sets at Inchmickery playpark in June 2021, I secured almost immediate agreement that the swings would be replaced.

"At that time, and based on what I was told, I had anticipated new swings being installed in a matter of weeks.

"It was extremely disappointing that weeks turned into months and the council eventually gave an installation date of June 2022, a full year after removal. I described that timescale as farcical at the time, so when the date shifted from June to October, to November, it was difficult to express just how frustrating that was, not just for me but for the residents who keep being promised it is coming.

"Ahead of the latest target date of the 14th of November, I emailed to check we were still on track but, unfortunately, I was told the contractor was delayed again and that the swings would not be installed on this date either.

"I've asked for a new target date but have heard nothing back. I'd like to say it will be in this side of the new year but I've no indication of how long the contractors are behind schedule. I'll keep chasing it."

The park is in the middle of a residential area and is a well-loved facility in the neighbourhood but despite the best efforts of Cllr Barratt, the children will have to wait to play on the swings at their beloved playpark.

He told the Press: "The latest that I have is that the contractor has been held up on another playpark in Cupar. The council need to consider how such jobs are tendered. Quite understandably, the council sought best value and lumped the works at Inchmickery in with a number of other playparks across Fife.

"Unfortunately, the result has meant many delays, any material shortages or staffing issues over the last year has seen a knock-on impact to every project down the line. It seems the company do not have the capacity to do more than one park at a time and Inchmickery finds itself in a queue.

"I will keep pursuing this but there isn't really any more I can say to adequately reflect the frustration from myself or residents."