MEMBERS of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Edinburgh and Fife spent their New Year's day cleaning up Rosyth Public Park.

After an early morning of prayer and a quick breakfast, the small group of eight people went along to the park and spent their time cleaning up the rubbish from the New Year's Eve fireworks.

Hashir Ahmed, who organised the event, told the Press: "We headed up to the park at around eight, when the daylight came in and we spent over an hour covering the whole of the Rosyth Park area and the street near it."

Not only did they clean up the park, they also donated food to the local foodbank. He added: "It's just to give back to the community."

The group will continue their efforts and are opening the invite to any West Fifers who may want to get involved in the next clean-up.

If you would like to join the group in cleaning up West Fife, call Hashir on 07443 397250.