A NEW mum-and-tot group will be holding its first meeting in Rosyth tomorrow (Tuesday).

Bloom are inviting mums and their young kids along to their first session at Rosyth Baptist Church on Queensferry Road from 10.30am to 12.15pm.

Julie Demetriou, who set up Bloom, told the Press: "I was born and brought up in Rosyth, I was a young mum myself to two daughters who really benefitted themselves from being able to go to mum and tots groups so I know the benefits of them.

"It's just a safe space where you're meeting other mums, you're able to mix, you're not isolated and you've been able to get out the house and meet with people that are going through the same sort of thing themselves and you can swap notes as well!

"A lot of young mums maybe don't have someone they can chat with and you're going somewhere so there's this sense of, we're in this together."

While there are resources available, sometimes prices can rack up and at a time when people are struggling, financially, more than ever, Bloom will give young mums an opportunity to socialise, meet people and get out of the house at an affordable price.

She continued: "The reason I thought about this was my husband, Chris, became pastor at Rosyth Baptist Church in March this year. I just had a really strong desire, right from the beginning, to be able to start a group like this in the church.

"I just felt, everyone needs connection and friendship."

Julie wants to see children in the village "flourish" so she came up with Bloom and after a lot of hard work, she has recruited a team of Early Years Scotland members to help kids grow in the Garden City.

The first meeting for Bloom will be a taster session where mums can come along, see what it's all about and take away their registration form. From then on, the group will be held in the church every Tuesday during term- time between 10.30am and 12.15pm. Tea, coffee and cakes will be provided for the mums but Bloom are asking that snacks for the kids are brought from home.

To attend, there is a £2 entry fee with an additional charge of £1 per additional child. Unfortunately, there is a capacity limit of 20 children for the group so if you are interested in attending, make sure to head along on January 10 to register.