I HOPE all cardboard boxes dumped at Asda Halbeath for addresses and check CCTV for vehicle registration then charge the people who dumped cardboard for fly-tipping.

The scene on Boxing Day at this site was disgusting. Why not keep it for another two days and take it to the local tip? After all, you all drove there to dump it. 

They will be the first people to moan when council tax goes up or when the council does not do something they want.

James Hynd,
Address has been supplied


Penalties handed out for fly-tipping need to be more severe

OVER the past three years, in Scotland, 207,960 cases of fly-tipping were reported to councils but only 2,467 fixed penalty notices were issued. 

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are proposing to increase the fine from £200 to £500 but this is still not enough to deter fly-tippers. 

After all these years of talk but no action, if the Scottish Government is serious then they must fine these people at least £1,000 plus the cost of clean-up, confiscate their vehicle and put six penalty points on their licence. Repeat offenders must go to jail. End of fly-tipping problem.

Clark Cross,
Springfield Road,