MORE THAN 20 hedgehogs had to be moved to emergency cages when flooding saw their Rosyth hospital overcome with water.

Nadia Al-Dujaili, who runs Forth Hedgehog hospital from her Middlebank Street home, woke up on Friday morning to devastating flooding which saw her having to wade through water to rescue her prickly charges.

After the latest flood-related setback, she has now started a gofundme appeal in the hope she is able to relocate to more suitable accommodation.

"It was 100 times worse this time," she said. "I have had to rip up all the lino flooring just because it was so saturated underneath. I had a big bag of dry cat food and the water has swamped it. Ten kilos of cat food floating about was disgusting.

"I woke up in the morning and was like, 'Oh my God'. I got them all to safety and tried to save some stuff but didn't get much stuff saved.

"One of my volunteers waded down the street in wellies and black bin bags to help me because I was in a bit of a panic. She came down and gave me a hand getting everything sorted.

"Most of the food is in tins so that was OK, I am trying to dry all that out."

Nadia has two sheds and an aviary in her garden and is still counting the cost of the damage.

"The second shed was specially built up and that was inches off getting flooded as well. I got them back to their cages yesterday (Monday). The shed is workable but it is still tricky.

"They (the hedgehogs) are doing well. They have all been putting on weight and eating. They aren't fazed. I have about 23 of them just now."

Fed up and demoralised at the recurring flooding issues, Nadia decided to set up a gofundme page in the hope of finding a new place.

"I started the fundraiser as I am looking to move," she explained. "I don't know how feasible it is to raise that much money. I don't want to move that far as there is a lot of work for the hedgehogs in Fife. I get a lot of hedgehogs from Fife so the need is here.

"The rescue has been running for nearly nine years and has come a long way but it needs more work to protect its future."

Anyone wanting to help with fundraising can do so by visiting More information can also be obtained through the Forth Hedgehog Hospital's Facebook page.