GROWING online popularity for bungee fitness has put the spotlight on one Dunfermline gym after a visit from CBBC.

Studio-X, on Canmore Street, was featured on the channel's Love! Love! Love! series, which celebrates trending topics across the country.

It was chosen for a festive episode titled 'We Love ... Reindeer Bungee Fitness!' thanks to their position as one of Scotland's first and only studios to offer the activity.

Studio owner Lisa Gibson and instructor Jen Turner joined TikTok singing stars and twins Max and Harvey Mills for a bungeefit flying lesson ... with a Christmas twist.

Lisa told the Press: "They (Max and Harvey) are a very mischievous pair who like to wind each other up for comical value and to entertain children.

"They made it lots of fun and were very patient with us newbies to the camera!

"They wanted a Christmas theme and dressed as reindeers for a bungeefit flying lesson.

"Myself and Jen taught them a few bungee skills on screen, we demonstrated and they attempted the moves – soon realising what a high-intensity but fun workout it was."

They also had the opportunity to film TikTok videos for Max and Harvey's 6.5 million-strong following, involving one game which saw them diving to collect carrots scattered around the studio.

The whole experience took around four hours to film on November 28, with the 19-minute resulting episode airing on CBBC on December 11.

Lisa continued: "The children who attend fitness classes at Studio-X were thrilled to see the place they train on TV and their instructors teaching two of their famous idols.

"They all tuned in and were buzzing to say they saw us on TV.

"It was super to see the finished piece and how much fun the presenters had on our bungees, they said it was the most fun and unusual exercise trend they have ever done.

"All the staff who attended were planning their next visit! They all wanted a go, from the cameraman to the scriptwriters.

"It was a great end to a successful year for Studio-X, this was the icing on the cake. It was a fab opportunity for us, we would like to thank Strawberry Blonde Productions for the opportunity and for asking us to work with them."

As reported by the Press, the gym was awarded a Best Fitness Business 2022 prize at Scotland's Business Awards in August and took home the Innovation title at the Scottish Health & Fitness Awards 2022 in June.

You can watch the episode of Love! Love! Love! now on BBC iPlayer.