TWO great institutions of West Fife have teamed up to give readers a great giveaway in 2023!

Scoop, the popular Press newshound is back!

Our cheeky mascot has returned safe and well following the pandemic to take his rightful place, hiding among our pages again from this week in the return of a competition that has delighted Press readers down the years.

For decades, generations have come together each Thursday to track down our pesky pooch. Where is he? And, once you find him each week, you're in with a chance of winning a terrific prize.

For that other great institution of West Fife life, Stephens Bakery, is supporting Scoop and will give each weekly winner £50 of vouchers to spend in any Stephens shop.

And, even better, the vouchers will be broken down into low amounts – perfect for the morning rolls or bridies each week when times are a bit tough.

Andre Sarafilovic, from Stephens, said they were delighted to offer this prize: “As one of the oldest businesses in Dunfermline, we are delighted to support both the very popular ‘Memory Lane’ feature and the weekly ‘Scoop’ competition in the Dunfermline Press.

"In this anniversary year that marks 150 years since Stephens started baking in the city of Dunfermline, we are happy to give something back to our loyal customers who have supported our business over the years, and contributed to making Stephens part of the fabric of the ancient capital of Scotland.”

Press editor Simon Harris said: "We are very grateful to Andre and his fantastic staff at Stephens for so generously supporting our Scoop competition. Both Stephens and Scoop are part of the fabric of West Fife and it's the perfect team. I know our readers will be delighted by the competition's return."

To become the first Scoop winner of 2023, tell us which page in this week's Press our mascot is hiding on. Fill in the page number on the coupon and return by Monday, January 16. A correct entry will then be drawn at random. It is a condition of entry that that the winner must be willing to be pictured in next week's paper receiving their prize and be available when the Press calls. If our phone call is unanswered, we will move on to an alternative winner.