A BAND with a "sense of adventure" and who found inspiration in a seaside chippy have announced a performance at Dunfermline's PJ Molloy's this year.

Fay Fife will be returning for a hometown show in the city with her group, The Countess of Fife, to celebrate the release of their latest album, Star of the Sea.

The musician found fame in The Rezillos and told the Press in November that this venture found its roots in a personal writing project in collaboration with bandmate Allan Mcdowall.

The album has been well-received – though Fay says many reviewers had been unsure how to "categorise" the sound.

She said: "To me, it’s strongly influenced by country and lots of other things so we describe it as alt-country but it uses a lot of other influences as well.

"The whole inception of the band was a way of doing something that’s really led by creativity and not doing something which you are expected to do.

"It coalesces around this idea, Star of the Sea was something which helped seafarers and fishermen if they were lost at sea and it’s something which leads to safety.

"I think it has a sense of adventure but also a sense of calmness and spirituality.

"The songs just fit around that idea in some way or other, there are choppy waters but hopefully heading somewhere that’s home or calmer.

"Star of the Sea used to be a chip shop in Leith, the one on the cover of the album is one which no longer exists, we reinvented it.

"It’s certainly very different from the Rezillos or the Revillos and people say that to me, they ask how it can be so different, but I think as the years have gone on, I’ve been much more into experimenting with music and doing my own thing."

The show will take place on March 10 and tickets are available on TicketWeb now.