PERFORMERS from Dunfermline will be taking to the stage in a tribute show for a cult classic performance and documentary.

A star-studded line-up of talented local musicians will be joining the Stevie Agnew Band for their show, which is an homage to The Last Waltz, the last performance of The Band.

The Last Waltz was filmed and made into a documentary by legendary director Martin Scorsese and has been loved by members of the Stevie Agnew Band since they were kids.

Dave Bernthal, who makes up the band alongside Liam Saunders and Stevie, Chris and Lee Agnew, told the Press: "It'll definitely be a good night. Basically, what the show is, there was a film called The Last Waltz and it was a band called The Band's last performance.

"It was filmed by Martin Scorsese and they got guest performers like Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Tony Mitchell and Eric Clapton and all these performers came in and did a song each. It was their farewell and the first sort of rock concert documentary ever made.

"It's something that we've all been into since we were kids so it was something that we eventually decided would be nice to do. It's something we're all quite into, a labour of love.

While this will be the Stevie Agnew Band's ninth performance of After the Last Waltz, they wanted to make their hometown show special and invited their fellow Dunfermline musicians on stage with them.

On Saturday, February 25, at 8pm, Pete Agnew, Kirsten Adamson, Ali Ferguson and Gary Arnott will be joining them on stage to celebrate a historic moment in musical history.

He continued: "It's usually just the five of us at the normal gigs, however, as this is our hometown show, we thought we would make it a bit more special and we got the Dunfermline musicians in to give us a hand and it's at the Carnegie Hall, which will make it a special night.

"We're all really looking forward to it, especially getting our guest performers on so it's going to be a good night."

Tickets for the show are on sale at £20 for an adult ticket or £12 for under-12s. To witness history in the re-making, grab your tickets from the OnFife website at