DESPITE the efforts of Fife Council, flooding is still proving to be an issue on an Inverkeithing road.

A large pool of water has accumulated on Hillend Road outside the high school and while attempts have been made to drain the water in order to access the outlet pipe and clear any blockages, Fife Council are still working on a fix.

Councillor for Dalgety Bay and Inverkeithing, David Barratt, has been pushing for action on behalf of constituents.

He told the Press: "That location has flooded periodically for a few years and it has generally required the council to go down and jet the gullies but, recently, that just isn't working.

"They've now seemed to have traced the issue to a longer culvert that conveys the water from that location to the north, towards the main road, and so it sounds like that is pretty blocked up and needs jetting but because of its length, it's more of a logistical challenge to unblock."

The council attended the location of the flood last weekend but despite their efforts to drain the pool of water, the area was still flooded on Monday, though the water level was reduced.

He continued: "The council had committed to getting out over the weekend and pumping the water away, hopefully clearing it completely, to allow them to get in and jet it but I've looked at it this morning (Monday) and it's still not clear. It has reduced, so I think pumping has had some impact, but it's still flooded to a reasonable depth there and is hiding potholes that are developing underneath it.

"It is worrying, particularly given the cold weather we've got at the moment, it could become an even bigger hazard if it's not dealt with soon."

Service manager Bill Liddle said that teams were out over the weekend dealing with the flooding.

He added: "Work is continuing on site to clear the area and any subsequent potholes will be dealt with once the water is away."