THEY missed out on being slimed but Dunfermline's Moonlight Zoo have stars in their eyes after performing live on CBBC.

The four-piece – made up of Sean Defrancesco, Jamie Adamson, John Muir Jr and Richard Sharp – appeared on weekend breakfast show Saturday Mash-Up! to play their new single 'If Only'.

The band were even able to give away merchandise to one lucky audience member, with Jamie saying: "If they didn't know about us before, they do now!"

He continued: "It was pretty mental, it was cool, I don't think we were expecting how much we'd do.

"It was a really early call-time for setting up, we had to be there at 7.15am then weren't playing until just before 11am.

"We had to double-check and triple-check everything because it was live TV.

"They also had us in this caravan and we did a giveaway, the response has been overwhelming."

And the live performance ended with Jamie clocking a buzzing in his back pocket – as his grandad tried to phone him to congratulate him on the show.

"He's got this super-skill of always phoning when we are away to go on stage!" he laughed.

"For me, the most stressful part was I had a little lapel mic and was worried about the chatting.

"I could sing in front of 500,000 people and wouldn't bat an eye-lid but it's actually doing the speaking.

"It flew by, we've done one before where we just played and were waiting around for a while, this time we were only sitting around for 20 minutes then they said it was time to go.

"Richie did offer to get slimed but there wasn't enough time.

"There were so many run-throughs and then you don't realise when it's happening and then it's all go."

They were joined on stage by Andy Spain, who plays saxaphone on their single, and in the caravan by a pair of Strictly Come Dancing Stars and TikTok cooking sensation Poppy O'Toole.

Jamie added: "It's a kids' TV show but it's a good opportunity to promote, the time-slot is prime time too, it doesn't get much better.

"We might be back on the BBC, the producers are involved in other shows too – they said we were the best band they'd had on."