IN RESPONSE to last week’s letter: ‘More has to be done to encourage more locals to venture into our city centre’, I would like to say that Dunfermline is now a city without an Accident and Emergency department. 

We had an incident during the week when a gentleman had a problem and ran to the police station for help and couldn’t get in and no-one came out. A part-time police station. No cinema, unless you travel out to Halbeath and pay the exuberant over-the-top price to watch a film.

We have many spots in the centre where drug addicts hang around and take their ‘medicine’, leaving needles and paraphernalia behind. We have no 24-hour public toilets and, since we lost the BID, no cohesion with police, council, NHS or pubs to keep our

night-time economy safe.
There are very few signposts on the motorways to even let drivers know where Dunfermline actually is.

We may have city status and we do have a great historic story to tell but we are a long way from being a real city.

Janet Scott,

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