GARRY HALDANE is perfectly correct in the fact that we need to do all we can to attract people into our city centre (‘More has to be done to encourage more locals to venture into our city centre’, Your say, Press, January 26).

We do have a lot to offer here in Scotland’s newest city. But perhaps we need to look primarily at our parking charges.

To be fair, nobody should expect to park for free, and Fife Council offer parking at, what I consider, a reasonable tariff.

But the main car parks, Viewfield Terrace, East Port and the New Row, are all downhill and therefore not easily accessible to all for travelling into the city centre.

The easiest way to enter our city is via the Kingsgate parking facility.

Privately-owned, it charges a ridiculous £2 for only 30 minutes of parking, barely enough time to run down the stairs to buy a newspaper.

Park for over the half hour and it rises to a preposterous £4.

Surely Fife Council can buy out this facility and turn it into a a reasonably-priced access area into our city.

Eric Travers,
Gellatly Road,