A ROAD in Cairneyhill which is said to be littered with potholes has been branded an "obstacle course" for drivers.

One villager, who did not want to be named, says that Brandy Riggs Road was an "absolute disgrace" with craters "impossible to miss".

She told the Press: "Repairs only last a week or a couple of weeks, they just shove them full of tar.

"I think it affects everyone, if it was a council estate it would be fixed. It's a well-used road, it goes into a lot of different areas of houses.

"We've been here for 13 years and it's been like that the whole time, my husband has carers who come in and they have started mentioning it too."

She says that the A994 between Cairneyhill and Crossford has also become a problem area, describing it as a "nightmare".

Sara Wilson, lead consultant with Fife Council's transportation services, confirmed that, since the start of 2022, 665 potholes had been found across the Dunfermline area, with regular inspections identifying 12 on Brandy Riggs Road.

She said: “There are over 2,500km of roads in Fife and we work hard to maintain all of this and keep our roads in a safe condition. We have to work on a priority basis, concentrating on the areas in poorest condition first and then moving on to other areas.

“Since the beginning of 2022, our inspection team identified 665 potholes that needed attention in the Dunfermline area; 532 have been repaired and we are continuing to work through defects identified during ongoing safety inspections and ad-hoc enquiries.

"Our regular inspections show that there are 12 potholes in Brandy Riggs Road, with a target for permanent repairs by the end of February."