A KELTY dog appears to have made a bid for freedom after gnawing through its front door to get a look at the world outside.

Photos were shared on social media after the determined doggy had beavered its way through the letter box until it was spotted with its head – and paw – hanging out of the UPVC front door.

The picture was shared over 450 times on the Fife Jammer Locations Facebook page with over 700 comments made about the canine's antics.

One comment, from Rhiannon Lowe, said: "A walked past it going to the nursery was just sitting with its tongue out looking about." while another, Rachel Anne Baines, said: "Mental. Braw dog, would be raging tho."

Dale Riddell added: "Imagine phoning the council and saying "I need a new letterbox and half a door as my dog has gnawed it's way out" while Erin McLeary said: "Imagine coming home to your dogs doing this hhah!"

Derrian Millar added: "This is the ring door bell you need."