AN AWARD-WINNING Dunfermline restaurant is taking diners to Calcutta and back with its new menu.

Dhoom has offered authentic Indian street food on New Row since opening in 2018, with head chef Dhaneshwar Prasad, known as Prasad, spending about £10,000 researching and developing each menu.

The 'streatery' aims to take its customers on a sensory journey through various cities and cuisines in India.

Prasad spent five weeks in Calcutta, or Kolkata, tasting food and creating his own tasting menu, launched on February 1.

He said: "Kolkata is a warm and welcoming coastal metropolitan megacity with a love for food, music, dance, poetry and culture.

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"I am delighted to introduce this new menu which I researched last year.

"It’s hard to be away from my business and family for so long, and yes there is a considerable cost implication – it really is a £10k menu – but I consider this time absolutely essential to get the menu just right for my purposes as, after all, this menu will run for half of the year."

Dunfermline Press: Dhoom's new menu will take diners to the streets of Calcutta.


New dishes include Tilli Kebab, Dak Bangla Chicken Curry garnished with coconut, Banglee Fish Fry with chilli and tamarind, Soya Galauti, and Nawabi Grilled Lamb with coriander.

Prasad continued:"I can well and truly say that it’s bursting with new flavours, new textures and fresh vibrancy – it’s ready to go. I hope my customers, existing and new, will absolutely love it.

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"We enjoyed huge success last year in many top awards but the ones that mean the most to us are the ones voted for by our loyal customers.

"We plan to add to the trophy cabinet in 2023 and once again thank our customers for their continued support."

Last year Dhoom was ranked in the top 10 per cent of restaurants worldwide on TripAdvisor, was named Scotland's Restaurant of the Year at the Scottish Curry Awards, was nominated in the Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards as one of Scotland's best Indian restaurants, was shortlisted at the Asian Restaurant Awards, and won Highly Recommended Place in Scotland at the Scottish Entertainment Awards.