A DRINK-DRIVER crashed into a phone box in Dunfermline as he tried to find some fast food in the early hours of the morning.

John Briggs was well over the limit after a night drinking in a pub and has now been banned after appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Briggs, 33, now of Quality Street, Dysart, was living at Hillfield Crescent, Inverkeithing, at the time.

He admitted that on March 13, in Masterton Road, Dunfermline, he drove a van having consumed excess alcohol.

His reading was 167 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of urine, the limit being 67 milligrammes.

Depute fiscal Jill Currie said that, at 2am, a woman heard a loud bang outside her home.

She looked out and saw a van had crashed into a phone box. Police were called and officers found Briggs at the scene “staggering and slurring his words”.

Defence solicitor Alan Davie said: “He was living in Inverkeithing at the time and had split up from his partner. He was struggling emotionally. He had gone in a pub in Inverkeithing that night.

“He foolishly made the decision to drive to Dunfermline to try to find a McDonald’s. It was a very stupid decision.”

Sheriff Susan Duff banned Briggs from driving for a year and fined him £210.