ALDI is set to launch Too Good To Go in all of it's Fife stores after a successful trial last year.

The UK supermarket is rolling out it's partnership with the surplus food service in a bid to not only reduce food waste but also lower their prices for their shoppers.

Liz Fox, corporate responsibility director at Aldi UK, said: “Rolling out our partnership with Too Good To Go is another way of allowing us to cut down on food waste, while also offering customers in Fife the opportunity to pick up our food at even lower prices.

“With the rising cost of living impacting so many, Too Good To Go offers a simple and accessible way for consumers to save money and reduce waste.”

Customers will be able to grab themselves a Magic Bag, valued at at least £10 each and filled with a range of groceries that are approaching their sell by date for £3.30. This Nationwide rollout is expected to save 4,000 tonnes of food from going to waste each year.

Aldi stores throughout the UK will continue to donate their surplus food to local causes.

Sophie Trueman, managing director UK & Ireland at Too Good To Go, added: “We’re thrilled to be officially launching our partnership with Aldi nationally. Having already had fantastic feedback during a successful trial period, I know our​ Too Good To Go​ community in Fife is going to jump at the chance to save Aldi Magic Bags​ and prevent even more good food from going to waste​.”

To grab a Magic Bag, customers simply have to download the free, Too Good To Go App and start saving.