A WEST FIFE widow who was appalled at her late husband's treatment in hospital is taking her complaint to the Scottish Parliament.

Trish Nolan will outline her concerns about NHS Fife to shadow health minister Dr Sandesh Gulhane, and Murdo Fraser MSP, at Holyrood today (Thursday).

As reported by the Press, she slammed the care given to her husband, John, a former St Columba's High School teacher who died in June last year, and told us of "complete and utter negligence" at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

Trish said: "It's not a one-off. You can see it in the stories you keep covering in the Press and from the people I've spoken to who have had bad experiences there, some worse than John with some terrifying mistakes made.

"And it's not down to a shortage of staff. Everything that went wrong for John, every single thing, was nothing to do with staffing, it was attitude, people not speaking to each other and keeping others informed."

She's been backed by Mr Fraser, the Mid Scotland and Fife Conservative MSP, who described John's treatment as "horrendous" and has facilitated the meeting at Holyrood.

He has promised to raise her case, and any others like it, with health minister Humza Yousaf.

Trish has already spoken to another widow, who raised concerns about the hospital treatment her husband received from NHS Fife, as featured in the Press two weeks ago, and wants more people to come forward.

She said: "I know several people personally who are living with the same trauma over lost loved ones who died needlessly in pain, discomfort and with a complete absence of dignity or compassion.

"Change won’t happen unless people come together and speak up. Ultimately, something is wrong and it needs to be fixed."

The meeting at Holyrood is at 2.30pm.

Anyone who would like to tell of their experiences with NHS Fife, and cannot or do not want to attend the meeting, can email Murdo.Fraser.msp@parliament.Scot.