A "HIDDEN TREASURE" in Dalgety Bay has been uncovered and opened.

A ceremony to mark the opening up of the Downing Point Battery World War One gun emplacement ruins took place last week and is part of ongoing efforts to improve facilities in the area.

Previously, the historic emplacement was hidden from view from those using the Fife Coastal Path, however, it is now on show for the general public and passers-by.

A spokesperson for the Dalgety Bay Community Woodlands Group said they were delighted to have the area opened.

"It’s been a year-long effort but the group are extremely pleased to have completed the project and open this piece of history to the public which so many passers-by (and indeed locals) were unaware of," they said.

"It was a real collaboration between volunteers of BAE Systems and the Community Woodlands Group and we’re so pleased that so many people were involved in bringing this to a reality.

"Not only have we managed to open up the gun emplacements but also have improved existing steps, provided better access to the beach and upgraded the outdoor classroom space.

"Stuart Thomson, of Thomson Landscapes, was excellent and of particular mention should be the ornate stairway to access the gun emplacements which is so in touch with its surroundings."