BUSES have been diverted in Dalgety Bay as the first phase of road works at Earl Roundabout start today (Monday).

The works are set to take place in two phases, with the first taking place between today and Friday, February 10, and will see half of the roundabout and Moray Way North road closed off.

Due to this closure, the other half of the roundabout will be under traffic control and bus services will be diverted. Services 7/7A, X58/X58A and X60 will be diverted via Moray Way South and services in both directions will serve both stops along this route.

The X58 will resume its normal route along Moray Way from the roundabout, the 7/7A and X60 will turn right onto Regents Way and resume its route from there while the 7C will divert via Moray Way South before turning onto Regents Way and then resuming its normal route.

Phase two will then begin on Monday, February 13, and is expected to be completed on Friday, February 17. This phase will see the opposite side of the roundabout and Moray Way Road closed off.

The 7/7A will divert from Moray Way North via Regents Way before resuming its normal route on the Link Road. No stops will be served in this diversion.

Service 87 will be diverted left on Moray Way as you come onto the Link Road and then onto Regents Way.