A UKRAINIAN woman who moved to Dunfermline a decade ago is hosting a charity concert to mark one year since the invasion of her country.

Svitlana Iniakoviene has been running events like this since November, raising money to support her brother, Serhii, who is serving in the Ukrainian military but this one is set to be the biggest yet as they commemorate the tragic anniversary.

She told the Press: "This very important date is coming and we'd like to mark the anniversary of the full scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia at the end of February so we are organising a new commemorative event at St. Cuthbert's on February 18 and I hope it will be memorable and remarkable.

"All these people, they are with me, they support me and offer everything to help me to continue to be able to create different events, something new for Scotland, that promotes Ukrainian culture and its richness and vibrancy. At the same time, we can fundraise to provide targeted assistance to specific people in Ukraine.

"We can demonstrate to Scottish people what our heroes on the frontline are fighting for, what cultural heritage that Ukrainians are trying to preserve in such hard circumstances."

The event will start with an arts and craft fair and a photo exhibition by a Ukrainian journalist and photographer, entitled 'The Portrait of a Soldier' before moving on to the concert, which is the main element of the event and will feature artists from across Scotland, including the amazing cellist, Kateryna Tunina, who is from Ukraine but is now based in Glasgow.

Fife Provost, Jim Leishman, who helped Svitlana hold her first event to raise money for an armoured car for her brother in Dunfermline at the Fire Station Creative, will also be in attendance alongside the Ukrainian Ambassador and the Provost of Edinburgh.

The event itself will be held in the Parish Church of St Cuthbert in Edinburgh on February 18 from 12pm- 6pm with the concert set to begin at 4pm. Money raised at this event will be saved for any emergent situations that may arise for her brothers regiment.

Svitlana added: "It's a very important date for us, this war is still going on. We are fighting and we are very afraid for our loved ones, we are praying for them and supporting them as we can, we are trying to do everything for them, to save them, and we appreciate all the help and the support from the Scottish people who attend our events, who are with us.

"It would be so great to see a lot of good people with us on the day. Please come and be with us, it's very meaningful and important for us and for them. They see it, they know what is happening and they know how Scotland supports them."