A SONG inspired by an "epiphany moment" at Dunfermline's Men's Shed could be used to promote similar spaces across the country.

The recording, from 'The Shedbellies' Alastair Wood and Tim Clark, is hoped to help to encourage men to come forward, talk about their feelings, and get involved with their local branch.

Alastair told the Press: "An epiphany moment, when first coming to the Shed and participating in it started to radically improve my depressed feelings, made me think that maybe others could benefit too.

"So how could I make them aware? Tell them about my journey!

"The Shed is a place and opportunity to find comfort, support and confidence-building by taking you out of isolation and finding others previously equally troubled who have since benefited.

"Everyone that I have spoken to has said it was a breath of fresh air not only for the individuals but their families too."

He continued: "The Scottish Shed Association want to use it nationally and include it in all their promotions locally and nationally.

"I created and perform the song and tried to involve as many others as possible to play, record and provide imagery, which was then finally dressed by Michelle Wilbrew, of the Shed Association.

"I captured bullet ideas and because I have always had an interest in music that tells of feelings, I started to create a frame of a tune to hang the words on.

"An important element was to create a feeling of rescue and not of despair."

Alastair wants the song to rescue as many people as possible and "help to make it acceptable to admit to others your worries and feelings and talk to help others".

Men’s Sheds are a place to practice skills and enjoy making and mending while forming social connections and building friendships.

The song, 'At the Men's Shed', is available to view on the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association YouTube channel.

There are groups available in Dunfermline and Rosyth and you can find out more on their social media pages.