SPICE up your Monday evenings at Dunfermline's very own salsa classes.

Piera Campanile, from Latin Explosion, travels through from Edinburgh each week to host her Latin American dance sessions at the St. Margaret's Parish Church on Abel Place in Touch, and she is inviting West Fifers to dawn their dancing shoes and join them.

She told the Press: "Somebody who was coming to my class from Dunfermline asked me to come over, and I said if we could get a crowd together then I would, so that's what I've done and it's been over a year now that I've been in Dunfermline.

"It had gone well but it's been hard to get them in this year. Every Monday I come over and there's quite a nice core crowd that come along."

At each session, the class explore Cuban Salsa, the Dominican Republic's iconic Bachata and the Merengue. While she only currently offers Salsa classes and tasters of the other two styles of dance, Piera listens to what her students want and is willing to explore each style further if requested.

She continued: "We do a variety of dances in the class, we started off with Cuban Salsa, which I teach, and we also do Bachata and Merengue, so we call it the Latin Vibes Class because there's an introductory to these other dances during the night.

"If someone prefers one or the other, then they can let us know and say they'd like to do a course in the Bachata or want to do more of the Cuban Salsa."

Each class costs £7 per night, or £35 for a six week block. Simply head along to St Margaret's Church for 7.30pm and get ready to dance.

Piera added: "You don't need a partner, you will have fun, guaranteed, and you will learn to move. You will learn to dance at whatever level you want to take it to."

For more information on Latin Explosion and how to join the Latin Vibes Class in Dunfermline, visit www.salsa.scot.