DUNFERMLINE should become the "new capital" for economic growth in Fife.

That's the view of West Fife and coastal villages councillor Graeme Downie after attending a three-day Scottish Cities event in London last week.

The Labour councillor said Dunfermline took centre stage as the country's newest city and he is confident that it could become a driver of the future economy in Fife.

“It is time for the people of Dunfermline to be offered a vision for a new, optimistic and positive future and for that vision to be delivered,” he said. “We need to build on the incredible legacy of Dunfermline Labour leaders like Helen Law who worked tirelessly to secure the city status that Dunfermline so clearly deserved.

“Dunfermline has a proud history as Scotland’s capital, as a centre for innovation, arts & culture, education, philanthropy and social change but now we have to look to the future.

“We need to deliver the change that people in this city thirst for, to put Dunfermline at the centre of Scotland’s economic success, with public services that deliver for communities.”

Fife Council leader David Ross also attended the event where, he said, Dunfermline took its "rightful place" alongside the other seven Scottish cities.

"It was a great chance to showcase what Dunfermline has to offer in its people, skills and investment opportunities," said Cllr Ross. “As the Labour administration of Fife Council, one of our top priorities is to develop the local economy, encouraging growth and making sure that everyone benefits from the wealth generated within our communities.

"A key part of this is developing the vision for the future of Dunfermline, putting the new city at the centre of the future success of the rest of Kingdom and the wider region.

“The Labour Council is already promoting Dunfermline as a location to attract greater investment, create growth and compete internationally. A successful Dunfermline will benefit not only city residents but it is also critical for the rest of Fife and we need to work to make that a reality.”