ABERDOUR'S Post & Pantry have cleared up the services they can offer after the wrong information was posted in Dalgety Bay's RS McColl's.

Amanda Braid, who owns the business with Pamela Phillips, has listed what they can help customers with as a Post Office Local branch in the hope of saving customers frustration when they're turned away.

She told the Press: "We have asked the Post Office to see if we can have increased services and we're hoping they can make that happen because we have put that request in.

"At the moment, we can do all the banking, all the usual posting but we can only post parcels abroad that are up to two kilos - if it's over two kilos then we can't service it in our shop. We also can't do any motor vehicle licensing and we don't have any passport forms.

"I would say those are the three things that people are coming in to us and asking for regularly that we are unable to help with, but we really are trying to expand our services."

It comes after a notice was posted in the window of the recently closed post office at McColl's on Regent's Way, stating that the Post & Pantry was able to offer Motor Vehicle Licensing (MVL) services.

She continued: "It turns out it wasn't the Post Office that put that in, it was actually the people that worked in that branch and I just don't think they understood what services we are able to provide."

Post Office Ltd have confirmed that this poster was not an official notice from them. To find your nearest Post Office and the services offered there, visit https://www.postoffice.co.uk/branch-finder to find out more information.

Amanda added: "We welcome more custom and it's great for our little community. We're happy to do what we can, to offer as much services as we can because we're well aware that the lack of Post Offices is really frustrating for people."