A DALGETY Bay club for blind and partially sighted members has slammed the theft of two bikes taken from one of its members.

The tandem bikes, which have a combined value of around £5,000, were stolen from a Tandem Talkers member, Louise, who is blind.

Louise was too upset to talk about the theft however fellow member Roy Smith, who regularly pilots for her, spoke of her and the club's disappointment.

"We are absolutely gutted for Louise,” he said. “All the blind and partially-sighted members of the club are incredibly brave but Louise is an especially gutsy, admirable lady who is formidably independent.

"Cycling is a huge part of her life, and really important to her health and well-being. For people to take advantage of her vulnerability like this is just beneath contempt.”

With the support of Talking Tandems, the thefts, from a lock-up close to Louise's Kirkcaldy home, have been reported to police.